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"No you will not watch tv, you will pay me your full attention instead"

Im doing a 30 day Shred which is 20 minutes of an exercise DVD per day. I’m also combining it with a diet of lots of veg and I’ve cut majorly down on fatty foods and devil foods like bread. I’ve toned up my thighs and lost I think about three quarters of a stone but I still have a massive stomach. No amount of ab exercises seem to shrink it. It’s the part of my body I’m most conscious about and it’s the only part I can’t get rid of. It’s unbelievably depressing.

Got to go now because I can hear the cat chewing on my new belt.

Still no Internet in my house. This is torture.

Best day, best boy #graduation


me and my friends asked to act casual for a picture


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My special day :)

People never seem to post the after shots of the mortarboard throwing where you’re petrified it’s going to knock you out