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The slugs on flushed away tho…

The slugs on flushed away tho…



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For those British people who are unclear on the 4/20 thing. It’s because in America they like to smoke weed and write the date the wrong way round.

Math class

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Are you singing tomorrow? It's been so long.
hollyfoster91 hollyfoster91 Said:

I’m not :( I don’t often sing when I’m back home to be honest. I’m sure I will be doing it soon when I’m back in Manchester :)

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if that was your rct3 screenshot, then you have to educate your janitors and pay them the max. otherwise they just quit and walk around all depressed. the same applies to all of your other staff
hollyfoster91 hollyfoster91 Said:

I just fire them and buy more. It’s a hard life.

My dad put a whole potato in the bird feeder

Requested by anonymous: Klaus + Smiling because of Caroline

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